Demystifying Misconceptions about Sex Toys

Thanks to EL James and her “Fifty Shades of Grey” series, most people (and the media, at that) are still abuzz with talks about sex, BDSM, and sex toys. This, eight years after the first book of the series was published and four years after the first film in the trilogy was released.

Like every other person, your curiosity may have been piqued not only by the premise of the story but also of the “toys” that were mentioned or used in the story. However, is that curiosity enough to make you want to try using sex toys yourself? If it is, then you can try one of these. On the other hand, are you one of those who have preconceived notions about adult toys that may be stopping you from trying those with your significant other? Whatever the case may be, let’s demystify some misconceptions about adult toys.

It’s physically dangerous to indulge in sex toys. Of course not! It’s actually the other way around, as sex toys can actually improve your sexual health. As an example, it’s quite a common reality that most women have trouble reaching orgasm. In fact, some women who try hard to hit the big “O” end up experiencing painful sex. By using a vibrator, you can stimulate blood flow to your vagina and clitoris, thereby making it easier for you to orgasm, and according to health experts, reaching orgasm on a regular basis can help women (and men) live longer, look younger, and block pain.

It’s uncommon for most people to use sex toys. This notion is very wrong. The fact is lots of respectable people (hello, Christian Grey) use adult toys. Using adult toys is not an oddity nor does it make you any less of a person. It also doesn’t define your relationship with your significant other. As its name implies, it’s just a toy that allows you and your partner to have fun in the bedroom. Scratch that. It should be lots of fun in the bedroom! Besides, it’s something that you and your partner can keep to yourselves. You don’t have to broadcast it to your friends and family.

Sex toys are only used for masturbation. Definitely not! While sex toys can aid in masturbation, these are just stuff that most open-minded and trusting people – men, women, gays, lesbians – in a relationship or otherwise enjoy using.

“My partner and I already have a healthy and strong relationship. We don’t need sex toys.” Well, congratulations if that were the case! However, here’s something to think about: wouldn’t you want to make your relationship stronger? Don’t you want to forge a closer bond with your significant other by opening yourselves up to a new experience that you can share together and have fun doing? Sex toys are just that – toys – that add spice to your already thriving sex life. There is no harm in trying something to make your sack sessions so much better.

These are just some of the misconceptions about sex toys that this article feels the need to set straight. If you haven’t tried using a sex toy and your partner is adamant about using one, explain to him or her why you want to try it. Assure your partner that it’s just something you want to try to elevate your sexual experience, and it’s not because you feel inadequate whenever you have sex.


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