What Makes Aging Faster? Signs that your Body is Aging Faster than your Actual Age

Aging is inevitable but premature aging is avoidable.

What makes aging faster?

The surprising changes in the body, which are earlier than expected or earlier than your age is considered as premature aging. There are a couple of reasons why a person experiences premature aging; these include the following:

  • Smoking
  • Constant exposure to sunlight
  • Genes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol intake
  • Stress
  • Environment

What are the signs that your body is aging faster than your actual age?

#1: Hair loss and gray hair

One of the common signs of premature aging is hair loss and having grey hair. When a person is experiencing premature aging the hair starts to grow thinner; this is because the stem cells found in the hair follicle, which are responsible for triggering new hair growth, are starting to die out. Additionally, the graying of hair is often caused by low production of color-producing cells.

#2: Bruises easily

Adults and elderlies tend to get bruises easily than young people do; this is because the blood vessels become weaker, while the skin tissues become thin. Individuals who are experiencing premature aging tend to experience bruising due to the weakening of blood vessels and decreasing skin elasticity.

#3: Wrinkles

Are you getting more wrinkles than your older siblings? That is a sign that you are experiencing premature aging. Anatomically, when a person reaches a prime age, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and starts to loosen-up. Thus, wrinkles may form on the face and eventually throughout the body.

When a person experiences premature aging, he or she may also experience loss of skin elasticity that may cause him or her wrinkles.

#4: Muscle weakness

One of the common signs of aging is muscle weakness; even opening a jar becomes challenging. For most people who are experiencing premature aging, they too experience muscle weakness. One of the reasons for muscle weakness in premature aging is because of the thyroid glands’ inability to function properly; remember that the thyroid gland is responsible for the body’s energy level. If the gland can’t function well, the body’s energy also becomes affected.

#5: Dark spots

Changes in skin color and texture are unavoidable when a person starts to age; this is because of the thyroid glands’ inability to function well.

If you are a young adult but you are getting a lot of dark spots on your face and other places within the body, your thyroid gland may have problems that cause you premature aging.

How to deal with premature aging?

Simple; consult a medical expert that focuses on aging and hormone. Also, to reduce the risk of premature aging amid stressful situations, you have to live a healthy and happy life. Healthy means, you have to do these following:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Follow recommended fluid intake
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • De-stress
  • Take the recommended vitamin and mineral supplements.

Final Thoughts

Aging is inevitable; however, you can deal with premature aging. All you need to do is follow your doctor’s advice and live a healthy life.


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