Kratom and Alcohol: A Dangerous Mix?

Kratom enthusiasts have varying opinions on mixing kratom and alcohol. Is it safe to mix these two substances? What could be the effect of combining kratom and alcohol to the body? 

Kratom (mitragynaspeciosa) is a known alternative remedy for treating chronic pain. It is also used for its high concentration of active alkaloids and flavonoids with stimulating properties. While kratom is generally known for such properties, it has a unique chemical composition that also supports sedation and opium withdrawal.

Meanwhile, alcohol is a widely known substance of addiction. People who suffer from alcohol addiction undergo therapies and medications to curb their craving and help in their withdrawal.

Since kratom helps in opium withdrawal, several had high hopes that it might also help with alcohol dependence. However, some experts and kratom users question if mixing the two substances is safe.

The Good and the Bad of Kratom

Kratom and alcohol are legal substances. However, kratom is banned in some states in the US due to its psychoactive effects and possible dependency. While kratom has mostly good reviews, some reports are showing its side effects on human health.

The primary benefit of kratom is treating chronic pain. It relieves pain caused due to various conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, and effects caused by opium withdrawal.

Kratom is also well-known for its mood-lifting ability, particularly the white vein strain. It has strong stimulant properties that keep a person’s mood in the best condition. It also supports motivation, alertness, and focus. This unique property of kratom is one of the reasons why it is so popular among working individuals.

Moreover, some of the red vein strains, like Red Maeng Da, Red Vein Borneo, and Red Bali contain sedative properties. They have calming and relaxation effects that are useful for fighting psychological problems. Likewise, the sedative properties of kratom regulate the sleep cycle, relieving sleep-related conditions.

It is undeniable that kratom has negative effects. The principal cause behind kratom side-effects is incorrect dosage management. Each person has a unique tolerance to kratom potency. Factors such as weight and medical condition also play a significant role in a person’s tolerance to the substance.

The common side effects of taking kratom are hallucinations, agitation, and irritant mood. Some people reported having experienced high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, and seizures when they took high dosages of kratom products.

Potential Risks of Alcohol and Kratom

There are a few risks to consider when taking alcohol with kratom. These substances can do harm and serious health concerns when mixed.

Overdosing is one of the serious risks of mixing alcohol with kratom. Both substances are powerful depressants. Thus, consuming both can have adverse effects on health. The effects of overdosing from alcohol and kratom include respiratory depression or respiratory arrest. It is even more harmful to individuals who are already suffering from respiratory problems.

Kidney failure is another result that might come from mixing these substances. Likewise, people with heart issues have a high risk of cardiac arrest.

Other results from consuming alcohol and kratom, include a sudden spike in bilirubin levels, risk of rhabdomyolysis, and coma.

Contamination is another potential risk with kratom and alcohol. Long-term and heavy use of these substances together can also lead to poisoning, anemia, and high rates of salmonella.

Although kratom helps in easing opium withdrawal, using the substance together with alcohol will only consequence dependence.

Does Kratom Help Ease Pain Associated with Alcohol Drinking? 

Kratom can ease the pain from a hangover. However, one should take precautions on the dosage. To kill hangover symptoms, one can only use a half to one teaspoon of kratom powder. Low doses are enough to fight the effects of drinking alcohol without creating dependence and other side effects. If you’re interested in buying it you can read more on this page.


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